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  • Adam S1X Nearfield Monitor, 2-way

    The S1X nearfield monitor delivers the highest quality in the most compact format. It incorporates all of the sonically relevant features that SX monitors are known for: the X-ART tweeter, Hexacone woofer and Class A/B amplifier, specifically developed for the tweeter‘s high bandwidth. All of these result in an unsurpassed combination of high performance and fine resolution.

    Regular Price: AED 5,263.00

    Special Price AED 4,841.00

  • Numark NPM100 Portable Active Stereo Monitor
    Every DJ or musician needs a solid set of active monitors. Whether you are just practicing or heading to a small gig, having a solid set of monitors can make a big difference. With NPM100 you can have professional quality sound in an easily-to-transport mobile speaker system with all the right inputs. Numark’s NPM100 is a complete active stereo speaker system with built-in amplifiers that is perfect for bars, practice studios, small to medium-sized setups or anywhere that premium quality sound is required.
    AED 820.00

  • Akai RPM800 Bi-Amplified Studio Monitor with Proximity Control(1 piece)
    Akai Professional’s RPM800 studio monitors easily handle layer after layer of sound, providing critical detail and the tools needed to mix with confidence.
    AED 1,260.00

  • Akai RPM500 Bi-Amplified Studio Monitor with Proximity Control(1 piece)
    Akai Professional’s RPM500 studio monitors easily handle layer after layer of sound, providing critical detail and the tools needed to mix with confidence.
    AED 847.00

  • Pioneer S-DJ 60X 6-inch Active Reference Speakers
    The S-DJ Series of active reference speakers is designed to give professional DJs and producers accurate neutral sound and excellent flexibility.
    AED 690.00

    Out of stock

  • Event Opal 2-way Active Monitor (Pair)
    2-way Active Monitor with 7.1" Woofer and Rotatable Tweeter (each)
    AED 11,570.00

    Out of stock

  • Event Studio Precision 8 Powered Monitors
    Magnetically shielded. Continuously variable input sensitivity. XLR and 1/4 in. connection.
    AED 5,775.00

  • Event 20/20BAS Biamped Monitor V3 (Pair)
    This 2-way front ported speaker offers tonal character and performance strength.
    AED 3,465.00

    Out of stock

  • Neumann KH 420 -3-Way Active Studio Monitor
    The KH 420 from Neumann is a three-way active monitor designed for use as a mid-field or main monitor, and can be used free-standing or flush mounted into a wall.
    AED 17,821.00

  • Neumann KH 310 DLG Active Studio Monitor with Digital Input and Delay - Left Monitor
    Active 3-way Studio Monitor with 8.25" LF Driver, 3" MF Driver, 1" HF Driver, LF/MF/HF Acoustical Controls, and XLR Input - Left-channel Monitor (each)
    AED 10,766.00

  • Alesis M1Active MKII 6.5" 2-Way Studio Monitor
    By combining our expertise in reference monitor design with our proven track record in studio amplification, Alesis' new M1 Active™
    AED 1,185.00

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  • Alesis Elevate 6 Passive Studio Monitor
    Alesis Elevate 6 passive, passive studio monitor, Frequency Range: 45 - 24000 Hz (-10 dB), Crossover Frequency: 2,2 kHz, HF Trim: +2 dB, 0 dB, -2 dB (above 3 kHz)
    AED 513.00

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  • Adam S2X Nearfield Monitor, 2-way
    The S2X is designed as nearfield monitor for use in small and medium-sized control rooms. The 7.5-inch Hexacone woofer is driven by a sophisticated magnetic system whose large linear cone excursion realized by the 2" voice coil makes for excellent dynamics of sonic events.

    Regular Price: AED 7,896.00

    Special Price AED 7,264.00

  • Adam S3X-H Midfield Monitor, 3-way system
    The S3X-H is the most successful model of the SX-Series as the highly evolved successor of our very popular S3A. Designed as a three-way speaker, it includes two horizontally arranged 7.5" bass drivers, one 4.5" midrange speaker and the characteristic ADAM X-ART tweeter. The cone woofers are driven by three powerful 250 Watt PWM amplifiers that enable the S3X-H to provide amazing dynamic bass performance. Even if they are classified as midfield monitors due to their power capabilities, S3X-Hs are also ideal for reproducing spatial depth at shorter listening distances.

    Regular Price: AED 13,787.00

    Special Price AED 11,183.00

  • Adam S4X-V Midfield Monitor, 3-way system
    The S4X-V has been designed for vertical positioning and includes the same X-ART tweeter and 5" Hexacone midrange driver found in the S4X-H. The resulting similarity in sonic characteristics allows combinations of different S4X versions in larger multi-channel applications. The S4X-V features one 12" woofer alongside the 5“ HexaCone midrange unit made of the same material. This driver was specially designed to provide optimum results in a bass-reflex enclosure with electronic correction. The dynamic features of the S4X-V are exceptional throughout the entire frequency range: extreme transient-like noise events such as explosions or bursting material are reproduced with total realism.

    Regular Price: AED 16,793.00

    Special Price AED 15,449.00

  • Adam S4X-H Midfield Monitor, 3-way system
    The horizontally designed S4X-H midfield monitor combines the X-ART tweeter with a 5" HexaCone midrange driver and two highly developed 9“ HexaCone woofers. A 250 Watt PWM amplifier drives each the woofers and midrange speaker, while the proprietary ADAM A/B amplifier powers the high-frequency range. The A/B amplifier’s minimum distor-tion and broadband features in conjunction with the X-ART tweeter result in a bright, contoured sound with no dynamic stress.
    AED 17,522.00

    Out of stock

  • Adam S5X-V Midfield / Main Monitor, 4-way system
    The S5X-V is a 4-way main monitor with advanced dynamic capability that offers musical spatial representation at the highest level. It combines the X-ART midrange driver and tweeter with a 7.5" bass/midrange driver and one 12" woofer with HexaCone membranes. The 12" woofer practically acts as a built-in subwoofer working in the range from 25 Hz to 85 Hz. Equipped with a 3" voice coil and a large cone travel, it confi- dently masters its frequency range thanks to its generously sized driver.

    Regular Price: AED 25,064.00

    Special Price AED 23,058.00

    Out of stock

  • Adam S5X-H Midfield / Main Monitor, 4-way system
    The S5X-H transfers the basic sonic virtues of the X-ART technology and Hexacone drivers into a much higher dynamic range.

    Regular Price: AED 39,099.00

    Special Price AED 35,971.00

  • Adam S6X Main monitor, 4-way system
    The S6X and S7A Mk2 main monitors are designed for large control rooms and film studios. They use a symmetrical concept to increase the realistic reproduction of ADAM monitors to higher sound pressure levels.
    AED 70,175.00

    Out of stock

  • Adam S7A Mk 2 Main monitor, 4-way system
    The S7A Mk2 is the larger version of the S6X and consequently one of the most impressive studio monitors. With a total of 1500 Watt onboard amplification power this monitor reaches SPL peaks of 138dB per pair at a distance of 1 meter. The larger woofer diaphragms provide more bass volume even at frequencies as low as 20Hz.
    AED 95,239.00

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