Korg Microstation Music Workstation Keyboard

A complete studio built into a keyboard, the Microstation is a superb instrument for beginners and seasoned pros alike.
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Korg MicroSTATION Music Workstation 61 mini keys

A complete studio built into a keyboard, the Microstation is a superb instrument for beginners and seasoned pros alike. Use it as the centrepiece of a compositional studio, or as a highly accomplished keyboard with great sounds and functionality that rivals modern computers thanks to its hands-on approach to synthesis and production.

Here's what Korg say about the MicroStation

Designed to satisfy the beginning musician or the accomplished keyboardist, the microSTATION offers unprecedented portability, the stunning sound of Korg's EDS-i synth engine, phenomenal effects, plus new and easy-to-use sequencing tools. Audition riffs make finding just the right sound a breeze.

Main features

  • Lightweight, compact, and equipped with 61 mini-keys, the microSTATION travels easily and fits effortlessly into any home, stage, or studio workspace.
  • EDS-i (Enhanced Definition Synthesis-integrated) sound engine delivers high-quality sound in the tradition of KORG's flagship synthesizers.
  • Enjoy 480 outstanding, ready-to-use sounds - including keyboard sounds, synth sounds, drums, leads, basses, etc. Tweak, edit, create and save up to 512 sound Programs.
  • 256 dynamic Combinations place different sounds on different areas of the keyboard, or layer multiple sounds together for exciting performances - right out of the box!
  • Find the right sound fast with eight quickly accessible categories; hundreds of Audition Riffs allow you to preview each sound.
  • A full General MIDI level 2 compatible soundset allows commercial and pre-made MIDI files to be played perfectly and instantly.
  • Designed for comfort and accuracy, our 61-key Natural Touch Mini Keyboard is highly expressive and supports serious playing.
  • Whether performing or composing, the on-board sequencer can be anything from an extra set of hands or a powerful drum machine up to a full-blown MIDI production suite.
  • Loop Recording, Grid Sequencing, Dual Arpeggiators, Template songs, and Auto Song Setup features make it easy for anyone to achieve professional results.
  • SD/SDHC card slot for convenient storage or your custom sounds and songs.
  • USB Type-B connector offers a direct MIDI connection to your computer.
  • Includes both stand-alone and plug-in microSTATION software for detailed sound editing on your computer; plug-in software is VST, AU, and RTAS compatible.
  • Perform and compose anytime, anywhere

At a size and price usually reserved for performance synthesizers, the compact and portable microSTATION none the less features our 61-key Natural Touch mini keyboard, numerous effects, dual arpeggiators, and a 16-track sequencer to transform musical ideas into polished productions - wherever you are! New sequencer features such as Loop Recording and visual Grid Sequencing have been added to benefit the first-time user and to jump-start any type of music production. With so much power, the microSTATION is an ideal first keyboard, plus a welcome addition to any studio or keyboard rig.


  • 61 mini-key Natural Touch keyboard;
  • Velocity-sensing


  • 512 Programs / 480 Preloaded


  • 384 Combinations / 256 Preloaded
  • Drum Kits: 48 Drum Kits / 25 Preloaded
  • GM Sound set: 256 GM2 Programs + 9 GM2 Drum Programs
  • Modes: Combination, Program, Sequencer, Global/Media


  • System: EDS-i (Enhanced Definition Synthesis - integrated)
  • Preset PCM: 49 MB (when calculated as 16-bit linear data); 360 multisamples, 484drum samples (including 24 stereo)
  • Maximum Polyphony: 120 Voices max, single mode, 60 voices max, double mode
  • * The actual maximum polyphony will vary depending on oscillator settings such as stereo samples and velocity crossfading.
  • Oscillators: OSC1 (Single), OSC1+2 (Double): Stereo multisamples are supported, 4 velocity zones per oscillator, with switching, crossfades and layers.
  • Filters: Four types of filter routing (single, serial, parallel, 24 dB), Two multi-mode filters per voice (low pass, high pass, band pass, band reject)
  • Modulation: For each voice, two envelope generators (Filter & Amp), two LFOs, two key tracking generators (Filter & Amp), and two AMS mixers, In addition, pitch EG, common LFO, and two common key tracking generators
  • Combinations: 16 Timbres, Up to sixteen timbres, keyboard and velocity split/layer/crossfade, and modifications to the program setting via the Tone Adjust function
  • Drum Kits: Stereo and mono drumsamples, 4-way velocity switches with crossfades and adjustable crossfade shapes (Linear, Power, Layer).
  • 5 Insert Effects: In-line processing; stereo in - stereo out
  • 2 Master Effects: Two effects sends; stereo in - stereo out
  • 1 Total Effect
  • Effects types: 134 types (Usable as insert, master, or total effect; however, double-size effects cannot be used as the Total Effect.)
  • Modulation: Dynamic modulation, tempo sync delay, LFO
  • Effects Control Bus: Stereo side-chaining for limiter, gates, vocoders, etc.
  • Dual Polyphonic Arpeggiators
  • Program mode: One arpeggiator available
  • Combination and Sequencer modes: Two arpeggiators available
  • Arpeggio Patterns: 5 preset; 640 user arpeggio patterns (512 preload)
  • Audition Riff function: 383 audition riffs, transposable


  • Tracks: 16 MIDI Tracks & 1 Master Track
  • Songs: 128 Songs
  • Resolution: 480 ppq (parts per quarter-note)
  • Tempo: 40.00-300.00 bpm (1/100 bpm resolution)
  • Memory: Up to 210,000 MIDI events
  • Grid Sequence: Allows creation of sequence loops for drums etc., with up to 64 grids per note
  • Template songs: 16 preset/16 user template songs
  • Format: KORG (microSTATION) format, SMF (formats 0 and 1) supported
  • Demo songs: 3 songs


  • Global: Master tune, transpose, MIDI settings
  • Media: Load, Save, Utility


  • Joystick
  • Realtime Controls: Knobs 1-4 SELECT buttons (REALTIME CONTROL, Arpeggiator Control, Tempo Control), EXTERNAL (In External mode, the four knobs, four chord trigger switches can be used as MIDI controllers. 128 setups can be stored. (102 are preloaded. These allow you to control software synthesizers or DAW software.)
  • Arpeggiator/Audition: AUDITION button, ARP ON/OFF button, ARP LATCH ON/OFF button

User Interface

  • Display: 16 character x 2 line LCD (with backlight)
  • Value Controllers:Cursor/value buttons, function 01-16 buttons (0-9, -, ., ENTER, GROUP DOWN, GROUP UP), COMPARE, WRITE
  • Other: VOLUME knob, display contrast
  • Audio Outputs: OUTPUT, L/MONO, R: 6.3 mm monaural phone jack (unbalanced)
  • Headphone output: 3.5 mm stereo mini-phone jack
  • Control Inputs: DAMPER/PEDAL/SW jack x 1, half-damper supported
  • USB: 1 USB (TYPE B), MIDI interface
  • SD-Card slot: Capacity recognized: FAT32: 2 Gigabytes (GB). SDHC memory cards are not supported.
  • Power: AC adapter power supply connector (DC 9V 1700mA), POWER On/Off switch
  • Dimensions: 30.63" (H) x 8.27" (W) x 3.23" (H)
  • Weight: 5.73lbs
  • Power Consumption: 6W


AC adapter, Easy start guide, Accessory disc (microSTATION Parameter Guide (PDF), Owner's Manual (PDF), Installation Guide (PDF), External Setups (PDF), KORG USB-MIDI driver, microSTATION Editor/Plug-In Editor etc.)

 microSTATION Options

  • XVP-10 Expression/Volume Pedal
  • EXP-2 Foot Controller
  • DS-1H Damper Pedal
  • PS-1 Pedal Switch

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Weight (Kg) 2.6000
Manufacturer Korg

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