Handheld Synthesizer Pad with Touchpad, Battery Power, 150 sounds, Dual Loop Recording, Gate Arpeggiator, and 35 Musical Scales
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Korg Synthesis in the Palm of Your Hand

Expanding the possibilities of Korg's popular touchpad processors, the KAOSSILATOR 2 handheld synthesizer puts an array of hot Korg synth sounds in the palm of your hand. It's got 150 drum, synth, and acoustic instrument sounds, ready for you to play with a swipe of your finger. You choose the scale, key, and note range that are right for your musical vision, making the KAOSSILATOR 2's touchpad easy to play for a variety of styles. You can record your playing in two independent loop banks, mute them or crossfade between them, and even save your recorded loops and performances to a microSD/SDHC card (not included). It's got a big sound and huge creative potential, and yet the KAOSSILATOR 2 handheld synthesizer fits right in your pocket.

Korg KAOSSILATOR 2 Handheld Synthesizer at a Glance:
  • An innovative way to approach production and performance
  • Smart recording capabilities
  • Extensive performance features
An innovative way to approach production and performance

Korg's Kaossilator 2, like all Korg touchpad products, offers a different way to create and perform. The KAOSSILATOR 2 is about immediacy, not synth programming or creating sequences. It's a great way for you to start producing - just pick a random sound and arpeggiator pattern and start touching the pad! If you like what you hear, record it onto one of the two loop banks and keep going. If not, it's easy to browse all 150 sounds until you find inspiration.

If you're performing live, you'll be amazed at how easy it is to integrate the Kaossilator 2 into your show. It's got tap tempo for you to match the arpeggiator to whatever else you're playing, and the selectable scales and keys let you "tune" the KAOSSILATOR 2 to your music before you ever start playing. It's great for impromptu synth solos, and incredibly easy to grab-and-go in a moment of inspiration.

Smart recording capabilities

The KAOSSILATOR 2's expanded recording abilities will be an instant favorite if you were a fan of the original KAOSSILATOR. You now have two loop banks to save your ideas to, and you can now save your loops and performances to a microSD/SDHC card (sold separately)! And to expand the creative potential even further, there's a built-in microphone you can use to sample your voice, instrument, or anything else you want to capture on the fly. There's also an external microphone input you can use to connect any dynamic microphone, for more control over your recording.

Extensive performance features

You get a ton of performance potential with the KAOSSILATOR 2. Not only does it have a wide range of synth sounds appropriate for ambient, electro, trance, house, and virtually any other electronic genre, it's got PCM sampled drums and acoustic instruments that fit into other styles too. And to really get the most out of the KAOSSILATOR 2's awesome sound set, you'll love the ability to mute and crossfade between the two loop banks for more intricate performances than were possible before. Factor in the gate arpeggiator with swing and gate time controls, and you've got a ton of performance potential in the Korg KAOSSILATOR 2!

Korg KAOSSILATOR 2 Handheld Synthesizer Features:
  • Touchpad synthesizer with loop recording and extensive performance features
  • 150 Korg synth, drum, and instrument sounds
  • Two loop recording banks let you create intricate patterns and songs
  • Built-in microphone plus external mic input let you add your own sounds to your loops
  • microSD/SDHC card support for saving your loops and performances
  • Built-in speaker for listening to your creations anywhere, anytime
  • Crossfade touch strip for mixing both loop banks
  • Mute function for each loop bank for additional performance options
  • Battery powered (4 x AA), or with optional power supply

You won't be able to take your fingers off the Korg KAOSSILATOR 2 handheld synthesizer!

Tech Specs

Manufacturer Part Number KO2

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Weight (Kg) 1.0000
Keyboard Keys No
Manufacturer Korg

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