KORG HEADTUNE Clip-on Tuners

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Head of design as easy clip-on tuner.

Headtune classic guitar/bass/ukulele head-motif design.
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Product Description

Head of design as easy clip-on tuner.

Headtune classic guitar/bass/ukulele head-motif design. Quickly catch the sound vibrates built-in piezo pickup and play chord notes. Chord display LEDs indicating the peg position, and LED of the LED meter indicates the pitch two types to light immediately, so better adjust how peg whether or self-explanatory. Also if you can't remember the tune the pitch of the open strings can be tuned especially beginners's for so * easy to understand and can be used. Still HT-U1 ukulele for a properly perceive in the tuning Low-G tuning G 4-string sound one octave lower, so firmly supports as well as solo performances in a wide range.
* Note review, please see chord display LED next to the alphabet.

Compact, lightweight carry in the body easily. 

also in Pocket guitar case for headtune's body is very compact and lightweight, compact, convenient to carry.

Readability in a wide range of movement and LED.

Lift the meter display area, you can adjust angles up to 120 degrees. Also due to high viewing angle and high contrast present display LEDs and LED meter Player Visual can tune in a natural position, and even in the dark Visual visibility is excellent.

Clip firmly connected to the head, high stability. 

Korg clip-on tuner pitchclip and clips with higher stability as well as adoption. Guitar, bass, ukulele firmly hold on their heads.

Battery life approximately 35 hours. Energy-saving design that can withstand prolonged use. 

Generic Lithium coin cell (CR2032), and allows you to work about 35 hours long. Also equipped with auto power off function automatically turns off when the did not recognize the sound for about 10 minutes, reduce the wasteful consumption of the battery.


Tech Specs

Temperament 12 average rate
Measurement range Guitar E2(82.41Hz) ~ E7(2637.02Hz) Base E1(41.20Hz) ~ G6(1567.98Hz) G3(196.00Hz ukulele (maps to a tune of a standard G, C, E, A)) ~ A7(3520.00Hz) * Sine wave input:
Measurement accuracy +-1 cent
Power supply Lithium coin cell (CR2032). 1
Battery life About 35 hours (A4 continuous input:)
Accessories Behavior verification for Lithium coin cell (CR2032). 1

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