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Arranger Portable keyboards

  • Korg Pa3X 61-key Professional Arranger
    61-key Arranger Keyboard with Synth Action, 16-track Sequencer, 140 Effects, and 120 Voices

    Regular Price: AED 11,550.00

    Special Price AED 9,476.00

  • KORG Pa500 Professional Arranger
    The Korg Pa500 is a fully loaded arranger workstation offering 80-voice polyphony with over 880 preloaded sounds.

    Regular Price: AED 3,950.00

    Special Price AED 3,720.00

    Out of stock

  • Korg Pa4X-76 Key Professional Arranger
    76-key Arranger Keyboard with Semi-weighted Action, 16-track Sequencer, 500+ Styles, and 1,500+ Sounds

    Regular Price: AED 13,950.00

    Special Price AED 12,390.00

  • Korg Liverpool Professional Arranger
    Liverpool is famous for music. Well, it's famous for four musicians, and this is Korg's tribute to the band that changed everything. Two generations of musicians and fans have grown up that weren't even born by the time the lads from Liverpool broke up, but still, the band's appeal remains fresh today.

    Regular Price: AED 2,314.00

    Special Price AED 1,696.00

  • Korg Pa4X ORIENTAL Professional Arranger 61 key
    61-key Arranger Keyboard with Semi-weighted Action, 16-track Sequencer, 650+ Styles, and 1,650+ Sounds

    Regular Price: AED 13,230.00

    Special Price AED 12,343.00

  • Korg Pa4X ORIENTAL Professional Arranger 76 key
    76-key Arranger Keyboard with Semi-weighted Action, 16-track Sequencer, 650+ Styles, and 1,650+ Sounds

    Regular Price: AED 14,985.00

    Special Price AED 13,158.00

  • Korg Pa700 Oriental 61-key Arranger Workstation
    Expand the versatility of your studio or live rig with the Korg Pa700 Oriental arranger keyboard. This arranger is loaded with the same features as the Pa700 but focuses on Sounds, Styles, and instruments for playing Middle Eastern music styles. With many advanced features from Korg's flagship Pa4X arranger (like KAOSS effects and MIDI control) and the Defined Nuance Control (DNC) sound engine, you'll be able to produce lifelike sounds and incredibly dynamic performances. You get over 370 styles, a large TouchView display for easy navigation, and over 1,700 sounds. Simply put, the Korg Pa700 Oriental is a powerful yet easy-to-use arranger workstation for Middle Eastern music.

    Regular Price: AED 5,499.00

    Special Price AED 5,199.00

  • Korg Pa1000 - 61key Professional Arranger
    The Korg Pa1000 Professional Arranger keyboard combines your favorite Korg arrangement functions with the best features of their flagship Pa4X arranger. With more than 420 styles, 1,700 sounds, and 600MB of storage for your own samples, the Pa1000 is ready for any style of composition. The 7" TFT color touchscreen makes navigation simple, and also offers access to KAOSS-style MIDI and effects control for hands-on creative inspiration. And with a mic/line/instrument input with studio-quality TC-Helicon effects processing, the Korg Pa1000 Professional Arranger is a powerful workstation for modern composers.

    Regular Price: AED 7,880.00

    Special Price AED 7,410.00

  • KORG EK-50 61-keys Entertainer Keyboard


    The keyboard that helps you play

    Korg’s first starter keyboard equipped with 280 styles and over 700 authentic sounds. The new, entry-level keyboard includes a variety of features that songwriters, amateur keyboardists and even touring musicians will enjoy.

    AED 1,399.00

  • Korg Micro Arranger
    61-key Portable Arranger Keyboard with 662 Sounds, 62-note Polyphony, 16-track Sequencer, MIDI, and Speakers
    AED 1,807.00

    Out of stock

  • KORG Pa300 Professional Arranger
    61-key Arranger Keyboard with 16-track Sequencer, 125 Effects, and 128 Voices

    Regular Price: AED 3,072.00

    Special Price AED 2,543.00

  • KORG Pa50SD Professional Arranger
    For years, the Korg PA50 has been the most popular member of the Korg Pa family. Its amazing sound, ease of use

    Regular Price: AED 2,850.00

    Special Price AED 2,224.00

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