Volca Series

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Volca Series

  • KORG VOLCA BASS Analogue Bass Machine
    Analog Bassline Synthesizer with Ribbon Controller, 16-step Sequencer, 3 x Self-tuning Oscillators, Slide Function, MIDI Input, and Sync I/O
    AED 578.00

  • KORG VOLCA BEATS Analogue Rhythm Machine
    Analog Drum Machine with 16-step Sequencer, 10 Drum Parts, MIDI Input, Sync I/O, and Stutter Effect
    AED 578.00

  • KORG VOLCA - SAMPLE Digital Sample Sequencer
    Compact Sample Sequencer with 100 Onboard Sounds, Extensive Onboard Control, Step Sequencing, Automation, Reverb, Swing, Sync I/O, and MIDI In
    AED 578.00

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  • KORG VOLCA KEYS Analog Loop Synthesizer
    Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer, with 3 x Self-tuning Oscillators, Built-in Delay Effect, Unison Mode, Ring Modulation, MIDI In, and Sync I/O

    Regular Price: AED 770.00

    Special Price AED 577.50

  • Korg Volca Sample OK GO Edition Digital Sample Sequencer
    Packed with 100 carefully selected audio samples from "Hungry Ghosts," the latest album from OK GO, the limited edition OK GO volca is now here. You can freely edit their numerous iconic sounds, such as the vocal line from "I Won't Let You Down" or the bass from "The Writing's On the Wall," and arrange them to create your own music. Use the content to create your own version Ok GO’s infectious tunes, mix and match content with your own samples create remixes, or create entirely original sample-based music using the simple, step-based recording layout of the volca sample.
    AED 613.00

  • Korg Volca FM Synthesizer with Sequencer
    FM Synthesizer Module with 6 Operators, 32 Algorithms, Built-in Chorus Effect, MIDI in, and Sync I/O

    Regular Price: AED 770.00

    Special Price AED 578.00

  • Korg Volca Kick Analog Bass/Kick Generator
    Korg adds booming bass drops and pounding kick drums to its Volca range with the Volca Kick analog kick generator. Based around the resonant filter circuit from Korg's MS-20 synthesizer, Volca Kick delivers powerful low end for big bass and powerful percussion. It's a natural choice if you're producing trap, drum 'n' bass, dub, hip hop, or other sub-heavy genres. And with control over envelope and tone, plus a built-in overdrive circuit, it's got the flexibility to generate kicks and bass effects appropriate for any style of electronic music. Whether you're performing live with an arsenal of synths, or sampling sounds within your DAW, the Korg Volca Kick delivers powerful analog kick and bass.

    Regular Price: AED 817.00

    Special Price AED 613.00