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  • Takamine GD10CE-NS Semi Dreadnought Guitar + Accessories Bundle Deal
    The GD10CE is a great-looking acoustic/electric dreadnought guitar that provides big acoustic sound and performance features such as a Venetian-style cutaway and Takamine electronics system.
    AED 1,600.00

  • Korg LP380-88 Digital Piano 88 Key+ Accessories Bundle Deal

    The LP-380 is a digital piano 88 key that's designed with a style to match your interior décor. Merely 26 cm in depth, it's slim enough to fit anywhere. The wooden key cover is flat on top, allowing the instrument to blend elegantly into your room when you're not playing it. Keeping safety in mind, the cover uses a soft landing mechanism to ensure that it closes gently. The slim and stylish chassis projects a sense of stability.

    AED 4,132.00

  • Takamine GD10-NS + Accesories Bundle
    The GD10 is a great-looking dreadnought-style guitar built to dish out big acoustic sound.
    AED 942.00

  • Korg Grandstage 73 Digital Stage Piano + ACCESORIES BUNDLE

    Korg Grandstage 73 gives you unparalleled performance onstage and in the studio. Korg is on the cutting edge of evolving digital piano technology, and they've packed their latest stage piano with the best of it. Leveraging the power of their SGX-2 acoustic piano engine, the Grandstage 73's acoustic piano sounds are stunning: natural, responsive, and lavishly detailed. The EP-1 electric piano engine delivers a selection of epic EPs, all infinitely tweakable. With a total of 500 sounds on tap — including tonewheel organs, vintage analog synths, classic keys, and more, Grandstage has you covered for any live gig or studio session. At once a world-class stage piano and a masterful controller, the Korg Grandstage 73 will take your performances to new heights.

    AED 11,542.00

  • Takamine GX11ME-NS + Accesories
    This all mahogany, non-cutaway 3/4 size Taka-mini may be the best excuse ever to own a smaller scale guitar. Tuned standard, alternate or high strung to heaven, the GX11ME-NS is a very unique and versatile instrument all unto itself. The laurel 21 fret fingerboard and friendly 42mm nut width have the feel of an old friend. Take it to the beach. Take it to the studio - and with the TP4T preamp you can take it on stage.
    AED 2,146.00

  • KORG D1 Digital PIano Black + ACCESORIES BUNDLE

    The playing feel of a grand piano, on stage or in your room.
    A speaker-less slim piano ideal for daily practice or performing live.

    For players interested not only in classical, but also jazz, rock, or funk, the convenience of being able to play in a practice room plus the mobility to take the D1 anywhere is key. On top of that, a carefully fine-tuned playing feel is crucial. The D1 is a piano that delivers on all counts for pianists and keyboardists of any genre.

    The D1 is focused on providing the ultimate in slim, compact design. The result is a top-class keyboard that reproduces the playing feel of a grand piano, and yet is highly portable. With its high-quality keybed developed by KORG and a rich variety of 30 sounds that will shine on stage, this instrument is the perfect fit for daily practice or performance

    AED 3,660.00