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  • Hercules BSC800 Music Stand
    The HERCULES Music Stand Cart BSC800 can hold up to 12 pcs of Symphony Stand BS200B and is perfect for optimizing storage in a busy band room.

    Regular Price: AED 1,161.00

    Special Price AED 870.75

  • Hercules BS311B Music Stand
    The HERCULES Music Stand BS311B features the patented EZ Clutch, a perforated folding desk, a tiltable tripod base, open taps for instrument pegs and wire page retainers.

    Regular Price: AED 330.00

    Special Price AED 247.50

  • Hercules BS408B Three-Section Music Stand
    The HERCULES Three-Section Music Stand BS408B features the patented EZ Clutch Height Adjustment Grip, a solid folding desk, a foldable tripod base and wire page retainers.
    AED 275.00

    The HERCULES Transformer Mic Stand MS401B is ideal for overhead drum applications, fits around other stands, and is perfect for lead vocals or a singer/musician. It features the EZ Mic Clip, EZ Height adjustment lever, Tilting base, and Swivel legs.

    Regular Price: AED 237.00

    Special Price AED 177.75

  • Hercules HA 300 Tablet Holder
    The HA300 makes it even easier to use your tablet during a performance whether you need it for set lists, to remember lyrics, or the music. It comes with a detachable triangle table support. Simply remove the clamp and attach the table support to the stand. The 360 degree ball-joint on the back makes adjustment free and easy. It can not only reach any position demand, but also change to landscape or portrait modes as desired. A rubber clip is provided to use the tablet in landscape mode, providing even support to the tablet.
    AED 150.00

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