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  • Event Studio Precision 8 Powered Monitors
    Magnetically shielded. Continuously variable input sensitivity. XLR and 1/4 in. connection.
    AED 5,775.00

  • Event 20/20BAS Biamped Monitor V3 (Pair)
    This 2-way front ported speaker offers tonal character and performance strength.
    AED 3,465.00

    Out of stock

  • Event Opal 2-way Active Monitor (Pair)
    2-way Active Monitor with 7.1" Woofer and Rotatable Tweeter (each)
    AED 11,570.00

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  • DB Technologies SUB 15H Semi Horn-Loaded Active Class-D Subwoofer 15"- Black
    With 1000W (1400W Peak Power) and a high-performance 15" woofer with 3" coil, the Sub 15H is especially suited for small to mid-sized events, where high performance needs to be packaged into compact size. Thanks to their unique configuration, termed Hybrid Horn-Loading, the boxes can be tuned to the lowest frequencies to improve system efficiency and convey a deep, enveloping sound.
    AED 4,217.00

  • Hartke HyDrive HD410 - 1,000-watt 4x10" Bass Cabinet
    The Hartke HyDrive HD410 weighs in at a mere 63 pounds, yet there's nothing lightweight about its performance. This 1,000-watt cabinet delivers clean output and even response, thanks to its two-piece composite cones. Double-roll curvilinear surrounds prevent over-excursion, yielding extremely smooth mids, as well as clear fundamentals and natural overtones. Experience tight, chest-thumping low end and superior projection, by virtue of the HD410's round-wire voice coils and sealed cabinet design. Beyond that, this road-ready bass cab features solid plywood construction with extensive bracing and dado joints, as well as a perforated steel grill and steel corners. The HyDrive HD410 is loaded with every feature a modern bassist could want.
    AED 2,707.00

  • Sennheiser MKH 8070 Long Shotgun Microphone
    Long shotgun microphone. Ideal for major broadcast and sporting events. Extreme directivity, reliably capturing distant sounds even under the toughest sonic and climatic conditions. Extremely weather-proof.
    AED 5,311.00

  • Sennheiser MKH 70-1 Long Gun Microphone
    Lightweight long gun microphone. Particularly suited to distance microphone positioning. Frequency-independent directivity prevents sound coloration from off-axis sound sources. Exceptionally low inherent self-noise.
    AED 7,810.00

    Non-Slip Rubber Pads on all contact points prevents keyboard and stand from sliding
    AED 85.00

  • Adam S4X-V Midfield Monitor, 3-way system
    The S4X-V has been designed for vertical positioning and includes the same X-ART tweeter and 5" Hexacone midrange driver found in the S4X-H. The resulting similarity in sonic characteristics allows combinations of different S4X versions in larger multi-channel applications. The S4X-V features one 12" woofer alongside the 5“ HexaCone midrange unit made of the same material. This driver was specially designed to provide optimum results in a bass-reflex enclosure with electronic correction. The dynamic features of the S4X-V are exceptional throughout the entire frequency range: extreme transient-like noise events such as explosions or bursting material are reproduced with total realism.

    Regular Price: AED 16,793.00

    Special Price AED 15,449.00

  • Adam S2X Nearfield Monitor, 2-way
    The S2X is designed as nearfield monitor for use in small and medium-sized control rooms. The 7.5-inch Hexacone woofer is driven by a sophisticated magnetic system whose large linear cone excursion realized by the 2" voice coil makes for excellent dynamics of sonic events.

    Regular Price: AED 7,896.00

    Special Price AED 7,264.00

  • Samson RL112A - 800W 2-Way Active Loudspeaker

    Designed to make live sound portable and easy, the RL112A is a 2-way active loudspeaker that features a massive 800 watts of power from an advanced Class D amplifier, which keeps the overall system weight under 35 pounds. On the road or at the corner coffeehouse, the RL112A is ideal for DJs, lectures, meetings, events, as well as for the

    AED 1,174.00

  • Samson Expedition XP312W - Rechargeable Portable PA with Handheld Wireless System and Bluetooth®

    Explore and Expand.

    The Samson Expedition XP312w Rechargeable Portable PA answers the call of those who need great-sounding mobile audio. With 300 watts of power, 12 hours of battery life, a 4-channel mixer and Bluetooth, the XP312w delivers huge sound to musicians, DJs or those enjoying a variety of outdoor events. It also includes a frequency-agile wireless microphone for cord-free performance.

    AED 2,529.00

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