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  • Alesis Transactive 400 High-Powered Wedge Drum Amp
    The Alesis TransActive 400 is a powerful amplifier solution for the modern electronic drummer. This high-quality wedge amplifier was designed specifically for performing, rehearsing, and recording with electronic drum kits. With premium audio components, TransActive 400 provides plenty of power to keep up with any band.
    AED 1,484.00

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  • Alesis Vortex Padded Gig Bag
    A keyboard as cool as the Alesis Vortex deserves a very special bag. Made of heavy-duty nylon, this custom-fit padded gig bag is just the thing for safely getting your Vortex to the gig in style. The black Vortex Gig Bag features blue and silver highlights and a dramatic angled flap design. Easy to open and close, this top flap is fitted with hook-and-loop closures for fast access and a solid seal. Up front, a zippered compartment offers secure storage for cables, straps, or whatever you need. An extra pocket is located on the back.
    AED 270.00

  • Alesis GuitarLink Wireless system
    Set yourself free with the Alesis GuitarLink Wireless system. Compact, clear sounding, and easy to use, GuitarLink Wireless provides unrestricted action as you move about the stage with your guitar or bass. The unique receiver is battery powered, and small enough to sit anywhere—even in your pedalboard.
    AED 386.00

  • Alesis SR-16 Digital Drum Machine
    The SR-16 is an "old-fashioned" drum machine with cutting edge new features and a versatility that was unimaginable in electronic percussion a few years ago. Very high-quality and affordably priced, the SR-16 delivers 233 realistic drum sounds, including some great stereo ambience or reverberaton processing.
    AED 555.00

  • Alesis DM Lite Electronic Drum Kit
    The Alesis DM Lite Electronic Drum Kit sports LED pads that light up, letting you have a blast while polishing your chops with the built-in drum coach.
    AED 1,170.00

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  • Alesis SR-18 Portable Drum Machine
    Alesis knows drums. Our SR16 has dominated the drum machine market since 1990 and continues to be in demand today. The next-generation SR18 is loaded with cutting-edge drumsets, electronic drums, one-shot hits, and modern percussion sounds for any cutting-edge musician’s performances and compositions.
    AED 960.00

  • Alesis DM10 X Kit Electronic Drum Set
    The DM10 X Kit is a premium six-piece professional electronic drum set with 10" and 12" drum pads, 12", 14", and 16" cymbals, the top-of-the-line DM10 module and the best-in-class chrome-plated XRack. With an advanced sequencer and more than 1,000 sounds featuring Dynamic Articulation™ multi-sample technology, the DM10 X Kit will bring you professional capability in a kit that sounds as good as it looks.
    AED 5,775.00

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  • Alesis DM8 USB Kit Electronic Drum Set
    Compact, quiet, quick to set up, with true, natural sound, the DM8 USB Kit brings Alesis quality to drummers and studios. Whether you need quiet practice, tracking quickly into software, or fast on-stage setup, the DM8 USB Kit is a perfect choice.
    AED 2,693.00

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  • Alesis VI25 25-key USB MIDI Controller
    25-key Semi-weighted USB MIDI Keyboard Controller with Aftertouch, 16 Backlit Pads, Two Wheels, 8 Assignable Knobs, and 24 Assignable Buttons
    AED 694.00

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  • Alesis VI49 49-key USB MIDI Controller
    Manipulate plugins and virtual instruments with hands-on controls. With VI49, you can open and close filters on virtual synthesizers, adjust volume levels in your mix, activate effects, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.
    AED 887.00

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  • Alesis Elevate 6 Passive Studio Monitor
    Alesis Elevate 6 passive, passive studio monitor, Frequency Range: 45 - 24000 Hz (-10 dB), Crossover Frequency: 2,2 kHz, HF Trim: +2 dB, 0 dB, -2 dB (above 3 kHz)
    AED 513.00

  • Alesis Vortex USB/MIDI Keytar Controller
    It's time to experience unprecedented keytar performance with the Alesis Vortex. The Vortex eliminates the barrier between you and your audience by giving you the freedom to move around the stage and take the lead. With an extensive layout of touch-sensitive keys and velocity-sensitive pads on its pearlescent white body, and radical pitch and modulation controls on its neck, the Vortex empowers you to rule the stage.
    AED 1,154.00

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