Bass Guitar Amps

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Bass Guitar Amps

  • VOX APBS AmpPlug Headphone Bass Guitar
    The Vox amPlug Bass headphone guitar amplifier plugs straight into your bass's output jack! You get the unmistakable vibe of a classic Vox AC100 amp from the amPlug Bass - just plug in and hear a rich, classic-sounding bass amp in your headphones. This unit's onboard compression/boost effect lets you add thickness and overdrive to its already hefty amp tones while giving you the portability and convenience to take it anywhere. Now you can enjoy incredible bass tone wherever you want with the amPlug Bass headphone amp!
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  • Vox amPlug-2 CABINET

    The amPlug2 Cabinet is the easiest way to enjoy great sound with your amPlug2 anywhere.

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    From the diamond grille cloth and basket-weave vinyl wrap to the vintage chicken-head knobs, the Vox Pathfinder Bass 10 shows off its Vox pedigree
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