Bass Amplifier Heads

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Bass Amplifier Heads

  • Hartke HA2500 Bass Amplifier
    Hartke's HA2500 Bass Amplifier provides unique circuitry that ensures every nuance of your bass performance is faithfully reproduced no matter what kind of music you play.
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  • Hartke HA3500 Bass Amplifier
    The Hartke 3500 bass amplifier is back in classic black. Yet, it retains all the same rock-solid performance and features as the original that have made it one of the most popular bass amplifiers of all time.
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  • Hartke LH1000 - 1000-Watt Bass Head
    The Hartke LH1000 is a 1000-watt bass amplifier head featuring a classic 12AX7 Class A tube front end with a solid-state output. Portable and roadworthy, the Hartke LH1000 offers both treble and bass shelving, so you can give its warm tone the edge you want. You can also tweak the bright and limiter switches to shape your sound even further. Rackmount it for the ultimate in convenience, and then plug in - there is a front-panel XLR balanced direct output, a rear-panel 1/4" effects loop, and a 1/4" output connector on the Hartke LH1000.
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