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  • ESP LTD B50 Bass Guitar Black
    Basic and without frills, the ESP LTD B-50 Bass Guitar packs 2 ESP pickups (a split-coil and single-coil) for a range of gutsy tone. Extra-jumbo frets make it easy to play. Agathis body. Maple neck with rosewood fretboard. 2 volume and one tone control.
    AED 1,050.00

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  • ESP LTD B-105 5-String Bass Guitar  
    Much like its 4-string brother the ESP B-104, the LTD B-105 is short on scale, but big on great sound. Its extra string allowes you to delve even deeper into the barrel of bass grooves.
    AED 1,440.00

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  • ESP LTD B-55 5-String Bass Guitar  Black 
    Basic and without frills, the ESP LTD B-55 5-String Bass Guitar packs 2 ESP pickups (a split-coil and single-coil) for a range of gutsy tone. Extra-jumbo frets make it easy to play. Agathis body. Maple neck with rosewood fretboard. 2 volume controls and one tone control.
    AED 1,267.00

  • ESP LTD D-4 Left Hand Guitar- 4 string Natural Satin
    With the ESP LTD D-4 electric bass in your hands there's a lot you can do. Sure, it's primed for fast, aggressive playing, with an extra thin "U" neck contour and 24 extra-jumbo frets.
    AED 1,692.00

  • ESP F-104 Electric Bass Guitar  Black
    The ESP F-104 bass not only looks nasty, it's 35" scale and ESP-designed SB-4 pickups with active EQ lend themselves especially well to crushing, de-tuned sounds.
    AED 1,271.00

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  • ESP LTD D-5 5-String Bass Guitar Satin Natural 
    The ESP LTD D-5 5-string bass guitar has a natural merbau body and neck-through design complemented by active electronics. The sustain and resonance of the neck-through construction and choice woods are further enhanced by a string-thru-body bridge. Includes volume and balance controls as well as active 3-band EQ.
    AED 1,820.00

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  • ESP LTD B15 KIT Black Electric BassGuitar
    The LTD B-15 bass starts with a basswood body, complemented by a bolt-on maple neck with a rosewood fretboard that begs to be played. The thin U neck contour is easy on the beginner's hands, along with extra-jumbo frets that help you find the right note with ease.
    AED 846.00

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  • ESP LTD B-104 MP Bass Guitar
    Small in price, but big on tone, the ESP LTD B-104 Bass is a perfect bass guitar for someone looking for an interesting looking axe that is not too over-the-top. Fat, beveled edges accentuate the basswood body's curves.
    AED 1,185.00

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  • Hartke LH1000 - 1000-Watt Bass Head
    The Hartke LH1000 is a 1000-watt bass amplifier head featuring a classic 12AX7 Class A tube front end with a solid-state output. Portable and roadworthy, the Hartke LH1000 offers both treble and bass shelving, so you can give its warm tone the edge you want. You can also tweak the bright and limiter switches to shape your sound even further. Rackmount it for the ultimate in convenience, and then plug in - there is a front-panel XLR balanced direct output, a rear-panel 1/4" effects loop, and a 1/4" output connector on the Hartke LH1000.
    AED 2,002.00

  • KORG GA-2 Guitar/Bass Tuner
    The GA-2 Electronic Guitar and Bass Tuner is equipped with an output jack so you can leave your amp plugged in
    AED 56.00

    Bass Effects Pedal with Modeled Amps and Effects, 100 Presets, and USB
    AED 271.00

  • VOX APBS AmpPlug Headphone Bass Guitar
    The Vox amPlug Bass headphone guitar amplifier plugs straight into your bass's output jack! You get the unmistakable vibe of a classic Vox AC100 amp from the amPlug Bass - just plug in and hear a rich, classic-sounding bass amp in your headphones. This unit's onboard compression/boost effect lets you add thickness and overdrive to its already hefty amp tones while giving you the portability and convenience to take it anywhere. Now you can enjoy incredible bass tone wherever you want with the amPlug Bass headphone amp!
    AED 170.00

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