Guitar Combo Amps

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Guitar Combo Amps

  • Korg STAGEMAN 80 Korg Rhythm
    You need rhythm for your solo performances. You have a rhythm machine, but you want your performance to feel more “alive.”. The STAGEMAN 80 is a multi-function portable PA amp that will meet those needs. This unit contains a large number of high-quality rhythm patterns that can even respond to tempo change in realistic ways, due to KORG's new "Real Groove Technology." The STAGEMAN 80 can act as your personal drummer to support your live performances or practice sessions; you can even create a rhythm structure that's appropriate for your own song, while using a foot switch to control it in real time. With high-output, high-quality stereo speakers, it can also be used as a live PA. It additionally provides a recorder and audio player, as well as a full-featured mixer. The STAGEMAN 80 lets you perform with optimal sound backed by the ultimate rhythms.
    AED 1,929.00

  • Vox Custom Classic AC15CC1X 15w 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amp
    First introduced in 1958, the AC15 15-watt combo has been the amp of choice for countless tone-loving guitar players throughout the world.
    AED 2,417.00

  • Vox AC15C1-TV-BC 15W Guitar Amp
    Inspired by the ultra-rare Vox amps of 1960, the ACTV Limited Two-Tone series recreates one of Vox’s most coveted and short-lived designs for the AC series.
    AED 2,560.00

  • Vox AC15C1-TN in Limited Edition Tan
    The first Vox AC15 made an appearance in 1958 and despite a life of rock n roll excess and countless appearances with some of the music businesses biggest names the humble Vox AC15 still looks and sounds incredible.
    AED 2,942.00

  • Vox AC10C1-TN in Limited Edition Tan
    Vox amps have a reputation for timeless tone and understated design but for a limited time only we see this popular series of Vox AC valve amps return with a healthy tan.
    AED 2,141.00

    Out of stock

  • Vox AC10C1 - 10W 1x10" Guitar Combo Amp
    The AC10 was one of the first amplifiers to bear the VOX name and has long been adored for his ability to achieve rich, articulate tube tone at very manageable volumes.
    AED 1,700.00

  • Marshall MG100DFX Guitar Combo Amplifier
    This compact, gig-ready, 100W, 1x12 in. combo is a powerhouse of killer tone.
    AED 2,067.00

  • Marshall MG50DFX Combo Amp 
    With the Marshall MG50DFX Combo Amp you get the Marshall sound in a compact practice/gigging amplifier.
    AED 1,533.00

  • Marshall MG30DFX Guitar Combo Amplifier
    Thirty watts of power and a custom-voiced 10 in. speaker gives the MG30DFX all the girth and grind of its bigger brothers in a compact, rugged package.
    AED 954.00

  • Marshall MG15DFX Combo Amp
    Get the Marshall sound in a compact practice amp with the Marshall MG15DFX Combo Amp. Though small, it delivers a dynamic yet toneful punch. 15W. 8" speaker.
    AED 702.00

  • VOX NT15C1 15-Watt Combo
    Get on board the The Night Train series and experience a ride you will never forget! With its distinctive styling and unqiue Vox tone, you'll be the star of the show! With an overall sound that has been enhanced to feature a full, robust tube tone in a class AB design, you can make use of the three 12AX7 tubes in the pre-amp stage and power amp boasting two EL84 tubes.
    AED 2,698.00

    Out of stock

  • VOX DA10 (MINI 10) Guitar Combo Amp
    Based on the popular DA5 Digital Amp, the DA10 guitar amplifier combines higher power with the same great tone and go-anywhere portabilit
    AED 843.00

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